La Lubu



“in this captivating novel set in a terrifying future, which is all too easy to imagine”

“which is all too easy to imagine”

which is all too easy to imagine

which is all to easy to imagine”

And that’s the thing. Folks already imagine it. They’ve been imagining it for the longest damn time, in fact.

Those are the folks who “love the culture” as long as it doesn’t come into their homes or neighborhoods.

Those folks pass legislation in order to legally discriminate against Mexican immigrants, while ignoring the Canadian border altogether.

Those are the folks shooting brown people in the streets, in front of their homes, in their own neighborhoods.

Those folks have badges and attack dogs.

Those folks bang gavels in the courtrooms.

Those folks have been imagining having to save white people for fucking decades — longer, even.

and some of those folks are called the Ku Klux Klan.

Save the pearls, my black ass.

Hold the phone. “Low mate rate of 15%?” Really? Who published this shit? Because that happens to be the most-quoted statistic by white supremacists orgs/activists on how many “white people” there are. Tell me again how this isn’t official white supremacist propaganda for the young adult audience.

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    I read her wiki article and it doesn’t seem like she meant for anything to be racist. Her explanation satisfied me...
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